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ERC Presents: Van Gogh's Ear

August 10th to September 10th, 2018. 
At The Pershing Square Signature Center.

The vibrancy of Van Gogh’s paintings is only half his story. He frantically worked on several paintings at a time, experimenting with color and form. Time became his enemy as violent fits of madness and terrifying hallucinations consumed his being. Wrestling a fractured psyche with his determination to paint the beautiful, fragile world he saw, Van Gogh revealed his struggle to his brother Theo.  ERC’s Van Gogh’s Ear brings the tormented creativity of Van Gogh to life. “If my work is that of a madman … I should prefer my insanity to the sanity of others.” – Van Gogh


ERC’s work combines plays and music of the time period for one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences. Founded by pianist Eve Wolf in 2001, the company presents a dramatic approach and alternative to chamber music concerts. The company describes itself as such: “The music’s historical context is reinforced through its connections with history, politics, philosophy, psychology, and the other arts to create a compelling new performance experience.”


Donald T. Sanders will direct a cast headed by Carter Hudsonalong with Renée Tatum, Chad Johnson, and Kevin Spirtas. Scenic and costume design will be by Vanessa James with lighting design by Beverly Emmons, and projection design by David Bengali. Live chamber music will be performed by Henry Wang (violin), Yuval Herz (violin), Chieh-Fan Yiu (viola), Timotheos Petrin (cello), joined by ERC Co-Artistic Director Max Barros (piano) and Renana Gutman (piano)

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ERC Presents: Van Gogh's Ear
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ERC Presents: Van Gogh's Ear